The FP Father's Day Gift Guide, 2019 Edition


We scoured the web so you don’t have to, turning up the very best gifts for the very best dads. Ultimately, each pair of presents below says the same thing: We love you, we think you’re awesome, and we appreciate all you do. Find the one that speaks your man’s language, click to buy, et voila: Happy Father’s Day!


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There’s happiness, and there’s hoppiness—and if you know a guy who‘s really into beer, you know the difference. (Some advice: We don’t recommend giving him actual beer unless you know exactly what he likes, because beer guys are notorious beer snobs. Stick with paraphernalia.)

IN YOUR SHOPPING CART: Bottle loft, $30. which turns every fridge into a beer fridge without taking space away from other essentials. Just two plastic strips that stick to the ceiling of your refrigerator, they rely on insanely strong magnets to suspend a six pack of bottles. Extra credit for doing some due diligence and buying his favorite suds, then swapping the labels for these custom photo labels, $12.


Can you drink whiskey from a water glass? Sure—but we’re fairly certain a true connoisseur would sip straight from the bottle before resorting to something so basic. And your babydaddy. Is not. Basic.

IN YOUR SHOPPING CART: The double-walled Norlan Whisky Glass, $48 for 2. It aerates better than any other glass, reducing ethanol intensity and revealing hidden flavors. Glasses this good deserve a quality pour, so toss in a bottle of Bulleit 12 Year Rye, $50, a mash of 95% rye and 5% malted barley boasting notes of clove, vanilla, and oak.




Instant bathroom upgrade: Banish your mouthguard, the children’s Tylenol, and those the three giant pump bottles of half-full lotion to a far-flung cabinet, and commit to displaying only products that spark joy. Enter this handsome little set. (Bonus: Your dude’s beard will look way better, too.)

IN YOUR SHOPPING CART: Tom Ford’s Conditioning Beard Oil, $52 and worth every penny. Not only does it tame and condition and do all the things, but its signature Tobacco Vanille scent is the stuff sex dreams are made of. Pair it with the Tom Ford Beard Comb, $37, which is designed to detangle and distribute product evenly (but if we’re being honest, we chose it because it’s so pretty).


Truth: He’s got enough photo mugs to last him three lifetimes. Skip the ceramics and fuel his caffeine addiction with a cool new toy and some tasty beans instead.

IN YOUR SHOPPING CART: The Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, $225. It has an integrated scale, which means dad can prioritize precision without monopolizing precious counter space. Throw in a tin of our favorite Mexican blend from Brooklyn Roasting Company Coffee, $15. The stuff is so good it’s ridiculous.




Concert tickets are failproof presents, but a record he can throw on whenever he wants at home is a gift that keeps on spinning. (See what we did there?)

IN YOUR SHOPPING CART: Bruce Springsteen’s new album, Western Stars, $26 for a 2LP set. It’s probably the only record in existence that appeals to every single man on this planet, regardless of his taste in music. If you don’t already have a record player, this hip little U-turn Audio Orbit Basic Turntable, $179, is a solid starter.



LOL, we know. There isn’t a human alive who isn’t stressed. But you know that super dated expression ‘happy wife happy life’? It’s more like ‘life rules when dad’s cool’…or something.

IN YOUR SHOPPING CART: Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Salve, $40. It will help him chill out, and a bonus blast of menthol feels great on summer skin. To up the ante, throw in little guided meditation with a subscription to Headspace—it’s just $13 for a month.

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