Why do I need a name consultant?

The short answer: You don’t—but you might find our services helpful. Naming a kid is really easy for some people, but for others it’s a bit more complicated (and we have a sneaking suspicion this might be you, since you’re here).

Unlike the subjective opinions friends and family members might give you, our advice will be neutral, unbiased, and tailored to your needs. We’re also just really creative: Need a name that connects your adopted child to his unique heritage and yours? We’ll find one! Wish you could come up with a name that means ocean, begins with an L, and has both Japanese and Native American roots? On it! Choosing a name is the first step toward defining your child as an individual, after all, and we understand the profound sense of responsibility that surrounds it.

Ultimately, our in-depth process is designed to help you determine your naming priorities and point you toward a choice that’s thoughtfully crafted and deeply personal—a family heirloom like no other. It’s also really fun!

Why don’t you offer a database of names on your website?

Working your way through thousands of alphabetized names can be a useful exercise for some, but the lists we provide are personalized, hyper-curated, and unique to each client’s specific criteria. If you’re in the mood for a good scroll, we highly recommend nameberry.com.

How does your process work?

The moment you purchase a package, you’ll receive a confirmation email that links to our exclusive questionnaire. Fill it out and send it back to us at your convenience, and then we’ll set up a time to chat on the phone (Monday-Friday for 10-15 minutes, depending on the package you selected).

Within a week of our call, we’ll e-mail you a customized list of names (again, the specifics of this list differ with every package, and certain services also include a follow-up call and a signature gift).

Regardless of which package you choose, our promise is the same: Working with us will be fun (second time we’re mentioning this, and for good reason!), easy, and stress-free—because otherwise, what’s the point!?

Can you handle religious and culturally-sensitive requests?

Absolutely. Our large database of names spans all religions and cultures. If it’s important that your faith and/or heritage is reflected in the name you choose, that’s where we’ll focus our search. We can help you find modern versions of traditional names you may not care for, discover fresh ways to honor an important ancestor, or find names that bridge the cultural or religious gap between you and your partner, should that be an issue.

What if I don’t plan on finding out the sex of my baby?

We love a good surprise. In this case, we’ll send you either 10 gender-neutral names or five “boy” and five “girl” names. Either way, you’ll be able to specify your preference in our questionnaire.

I purchased The Standard, but now I want middle names, too! 

Not a problem whatsoever. Shoot us a message and we’ll send you our upgrade options for existing clients.

My package includes an exclusive gift. When will that arrive?

As soon as your little one makes le grand début, please send us a message to share the good news and let us know what name you’ve chosen. We’ll send your gift right out.

Do you offer refunds?

No. While we are absolutely dedicated to delivering the perfect name, there is no guarantee that you’ll choose one of our suggestions. And if you don’t, we’re confident that the research-driven list you receive will (at the very least!) help you make an informed decision of your own.

What if I have name remorse?

It happens—and if your Future Perfect Jude turns out to be your Present Perfect OhmygodthiskidissonotaJude, just send us an email. We’ll work together to make it right before the ink is dry on the birth certificate (at no charge to you, natch).

Note: One of our kids is (perfectly) named Jude.